Komplete's Response to COVID-19

March 18, 2020 | By: Tyler Thornton, HSE Manager - Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd.

At Komplete, we foster an inclusive, forward-thinking safety culture through the facilitation of efficient processes, effective communication and personal accountability. As the situation with COVID-19 has evolved and has continued to grow, Komplete has implemented preventative measures to ensure that none of our valuable team members and partners are adversely affected during these times.

Supporting Physical Health

Komplete has remained steadfast in the application of industry-leading disinfecting practices while servicing our equipment. This includes a rigorous sanitation protocol to ensure that our equipment is safe for our employees and valued customers.

Komplete team members continue to be protected through engaged participation of our Health and Safety Management Systems and proper hygiene protocols. Further, our team members will abide by all social distancing recommendations as well as follow the isolation protocol defined on Canada.ca.

Supporting Mental Health

Komplete recognizes that it is our responsibility to ensure not only the physical health and safety of our team members but also their psychological and social well being while we navigate this unprecedented situation. To that end, we have offered our team members flexible schedules without the fear of consequence or loss of compensation, so our valued team members can support their families mentally and physically. We are nothing without the people that support us daily.

Continual Improvement

Komplete is committed to continual improvement of our Health and Safety Management Systems and has been monitoring the situation closely to adjust processes, programs and initiatives to apply leading safety practices that protect our team members and partners. As we make these adjustments, we appreciate the on-going support of our partners, who, through engaged collaboration, help support our commitments and values for the betterment of all of our families.

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