James Smith Cree Nation & Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd. Announce New Partnership

September 22, 2020 | By: Admin - Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd.

Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd. is excited to announce a new partnership within the Canadian Indigenous community.

James Smith Developments Inc., the James Smith Cree Nation's economic development arm, and Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd. have signed a joint venture that will lead to economic benefit and employment opportunities for the members of the James Smith Cree Nation.

Located in Northern Saskatchewan on the North Saskatchewan River banks, James Smith Cree Nation is positioned well for growth and economic development due to continuing mining operations and other future infrastructure opportunities local to its traditional territory.

"I am thrilled for our new partnership with James Smith Cree Nation and James Smith Developments Inc. Together, we have worked carefully to ensure that we find the right balance between socio-economic and cultural well-being within our agreement, and I think we have accomplished that," stated Carlos Echaiz-McGrath, Director of Indigenous Relations at Komplete.

Adding, "I look forward to further expanding our relationship by meeting many more elders & youth within the community and increasing our involvement in upcoming cultural programs and celebrations."

Komplete has played an ongoing role in a significant local mining operation by providing remote accommodations, site offices, and various other support equipment for almost three-years. Now, Komplete will work adjacent to the Nation to seize the various new opportunities that arise.


"We wanted to play a more active role within the community, and ultimately help create a legacy that we can all be proud of," declared Ryan Schonauer, Co-Founder of Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd.

Ryan further continued, "Due to the magnitude of the projects we're often involved in, we're fortunate to be able to get quite creative when striving to provide a genuine benefit to the people within the communities we work alongside. I'm looking forward to this one."

"Today's signing with Komplete was important to James Smith Cree Nation as it aligns with a couple of key strategic objectives of our Board; First and most important, is the creation of job opportunities for our community members. Second is revenue generation, which any organization needs to operate, and it can be utilized to facilitate other agreements of this nature," said James Smith Development Inc.'s Chairman, Trevor Marion.

Trevor further added, "We see this initial agreement as to the stepping-stone to an even greater partnership in the future."

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