Eyes on the Prize; We're Focused on Remote

February 20, 2020 | By: Graham Schulte, Partner - Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd.

There appears to be an exciting new modular revolution concerning 'Permanent Modular Construction.' The team at Komplete Modular Solutions loves seeing the innovative and ever-progressive designs of modular hotels, residential condominiums, low-income housing solutions, and many other practical modular solutions. In fact, we encourage and advocate for the many advantages of all things modular!

With that said, Komplete is not in the market of permanent modular, yet, if ever.

The world Komplete knows and operates within remains referred to as; "Industrial," "Relocatable," and often "Temporary Modular Structures."

For reference, here are a few of the differentiators and challenges associated with Komplete's core competencies:

1) Project Remoteness: We often find ourselves in areas that 4x4 trucks with aggressive 35" tires cannot even access. It's not uncommon for our teams to utilize planes, helicopters, barges, and winter roads quite frequently. All in the name of site access, and we'll utilize whatever vehicle is necessary.


2) Occupancy Timeline: It is not uncommon in our industry for our operational teams to receive extremely tight deadlines. 30, 15, or sometimes only 5 days to transport, construct, complex and commission a fully operational 'mini town' capable of housing small army's of miners, pipeliners, or construction personnel is not uncommon.


3) Repurposed Used Equipment: No different than a home renovation, we continuously look to improve our structures. We'll often redesign an existing layout to facilitate a specific client request. For example, a 24'x60' open office converted into a custom, 'security diamond discovery building' for a significant diamond mining operation in Northern Canada. Or, the modernization and removal of walls in a kitchen to give it a functional 'open concept' look and feel. Or, the conversion of a generic open 12'x60' site office to functional miners dry. We do it all, and whatever is necessary to meet our client's specific requirements and objectives.


4) Building Esthetics: We can guarantee you that you won't find our structures in a home & garden magazine. Likely not today, and likely not ever. Our team puts much effort into ensuring we maintain and modernize our fleet, but we must remain focused on the primary purpose of our structures:

  • Durability
  • Relocatability
  • Scalability; and
  • Functionality

Further, the square footage and layout of our rooms primarily are designed to ensure comfort with zero room for wasted space. During our camp design process, we focus on providing exceptional 'core facilities.' These core facilities provide welcoming spaces such as open-concept dining halls, recreation halls, and fitness studios. All designed to maximize interaction and team unity while focusing on current in-demand trends such as spin classes, Yoga, and the best in interactive exercise equipment.


Not to be forgotten are the traditional games room's equipped with the classics we all know and love, such as; pool tables, ping pong, shuffleboard, foosball, and darts. These activities all still take their place within our remote camp design as well.


So, the next time you're considering the right partner for your challenging and remote project, consider a company like Komplete that remains 100% focused on building an incredibly strong reputation in the world of "Industrial," "Relocatable," or "Temporary Modular Structures."


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