At Komplete, we are proud of the relationships we have developed with our Indigenous partners. We believe that the cornerstone of building a meaningful relationship with an Indigenous community is trust. Earning that trust takes time, takes consistency, and transparency. The same can be said for industry partners; that is, it takes time, consistency and transparency to build that trust.

We at Komplete bring our trusted partners together to develop solutions that benefit the community and industry members. If you are an industry leader, an Indigenous community business leader, an Indigenous business owner or a community member who is looking for a trusted partner, contact us and let’s start a conversation.


We believe that all projects must be financially sustainable while ensuring social responsibility. To that end, we are looking for socially responsible partners that understand the industry can add financial benefit to the communities while staying true to the land and people.


We believe that our Indigenous partners are the custodians of the land where the project resides. At Komplete, this belief leads us to work collaboratively, transparently and respectively, with our host and partner.

Capacity Programs

We believe that Youth and Elders represent the future and the living memory of the communities. Thus our capacity programs are focused on members representing the past and future of your community.

Legacy Benefits

We believe that projects come and go. The only constant is the land and the people. Therefore, we work with our Indigenous partners to create legacy programs that future generations can identify as the legacy of past projects.

Our Indigenous Relations Leadership

Ryan Schonauer

Partner, Business Development & Indigenous Relations

P: 403.837.2870

Ryan understands the importance of meaningful engagement and communication with the Indigenous communities impacted by the projects we are working on.

For over a decade, his passion as a community advocate has translated to many successful projects and life-long friends. His unique experience and perspective help to facilitate dialogue and build relationships with both communities and project proponents.

Ryan's belief is that each specific community requires a tailored approach as each have their own specific challenges, needs and requirements. In his role at Komplete, this translates to building relationships with communities on a broad scale, creating business and employment opportunities for Indigenous people, and supporting the growth and development of individuals.

Ryan's expertise lies in the areas of operations, engagement and business development.

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