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Design-Build Manufacturing

Leveraging best practices from the manufacturing industry, modular construction has redefined how remote accommodation, site office and support facilities are designed and built to meet the most extreme requirements of any environment. In addition to meeting all applicable national, provincial and municipal building codes, modules constructed in a controlled factory are subject to demanding inspections, both internally, and from third parties. These highly controlled processes produce buildings that are more effective and of higher quality than their site-built competitors.

Through Komplete's extensive network of partners, we design & build modules while preparing sites for installation simultaneously, allowing us to complete projects for our clients substantially quicker than conventional site-built construction, and while adhering to aggressive contractual delivery schedules and competitive pricing.

The benefits of modular construction include:

  • Lower Cost
  • Higher Flexibility
  • Quicker Delivery Schedule
  • Greater Waste Reduction
  • Great Sustainability
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Higher Quality
What We Design & Build:

Komplete designs and builds industry-leading and state of the art modular facilities.  Examples include:

  • Dormitories (single to multi-story)
  • Kitchen-Diners
  • Mine Dry's
  • Office Complexes
  • Corridors
How We Design:

Each project comes with their own uniqueness’s and expectations. During the design stage, and once we’ve grasped your project’s individual challenges, our experienced team will guide you through architectural configuration, development, and the building permitting of your permanent or relocatable facility. The Komplete team works closely with a team of architects and engineers that know our business, our expectations, and ultimately how to bring our collaborative vision to fruition.

How We Build:

During our collaborative effort, Komplete will work with you and your team to customize a recommended spec intended to exceed your expectations. We work with an elaborate network of trusted partners who specialize in offsite construction processes which include a controlled environment designed to reduce the risk of potential cost overruns and schedule delays like weather and access to labour. The entire build stage is monitored closely by Komplete’s Quality Control & Assurance team to ensure a quality manufactured facility.

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