Komplete's experience runs deep.

Komplete’s experience runs deep. Our Leadership Team is made up of individuals that are passionate about the remote workforce industry and the various remote markets we serve. Our team is backed by a dedicated workforce of over 50 experts in our field with an astounding 15+ year average tenure in the industry.
There’s no place we’d rather be …


Graham Schulte - Partner, Operations

Graham leads all operational activities at Komplete.

With over a decade worth of experience in the modular industry, Graham’s known for his attention to detail as well as his ability to build and lead exceptional teams. Graham’s modular expertise lies in fleet design, modular construction, safety, and quality assurance.

Prior to co-founding Komplete in 2017, Graham led operations and business development at GNS Industrial Trailer Services Ltd. for close to 10-years. At GNS, Graham was responsible for successful project execution of multiple remote accommodations projects ranging in size from 25 to 600-persons across Canada in a variety of industries including;oil &gas, mining, hydroelectric, and construction.

E: graham@komplete.ca
P: 780.994.1115

Ryan Schonauer - Partner, Business Development

Ryan leads all sales and marketing activities at Komplete.

Ryan has spent over a decade in the modular industry. With a passion for the industry, its’ people, and the great projects Komplete is a part of, Ryan strives to build awareness around Komplete’s brand. At Komplete, Ryan’s responsible for aligning the goals of commercial clients with various Indigenous groups and Komplete’s Leadership Team.

Prior to co-founding Komplete in 2017, Ryan lead new ‘major project’ development in the remote workforce accommodations industry throughout Canada and the United States for Fortune 500 companies, Aramark Remote Workplace Services and ESS Support Services. At Aramark, Ryan was most recently a member of the Global Major Project Team for select International opportunities.

E: ryan@komplete.ca
P: 403.837.2870

Tyler Thornton - General Manager

Tyler leads all Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental related activities at Komplete.

Having a wealth of experience, Tyler has spent over a decade creating and implementing class-leading Health and Safety Management Systems across Canada.

As a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), and National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO), Tyler is responsible for the development, management, and ongoing maintenance of Komplete’s Health and Safety Management System.

Prior to joining Komplete in 2019, Tyler held senior safety management roles at HSE COR Services Inc., Sysco Canada Inc., and Torrac Oilfield Services.

E: tyler@komplete.ca
P: 780.999.8322

Sarah Bittorf - Manager, Finance & Administration

Sarah leads Komplete’s office operations by developing and maintaining organizational processes procedures designed to support the operational team.

Sarah has spent over a decade in the modular industry. At Komplete, Sarah is responsible for financial reporting and analysis, strategic planning, insurance, and tax related activities.

Prior to joining Komplete in 2018, Sarah spent close to 10-years at GNS Industrial Services Ltd.

E: sarah@komplete.ca
P: 780.619.5594

Korie Almeida - Manager, Project Controls

As a project controls specialist, Korie joins Komplete with over a decade worth of experience developing, leading, and maintaining uniform project management systems while directing internal project management, coordinators, and contractors.

At Komplete, Korie will oversee processes, procedures and management of projects to ensure uniformity, consistency, and best practices related to project management. Komplete consistently strives to develop a strong, practical, and consistent project management system that is recognized industry-wide for being practical, efficient, detailed, and well-organized.

Prior to joining our team, Korie held senior roles in this segment with companies such as Jatec, Telecon, and Ledcor.

E: korie@komplete.ca
P: 780.983.8874

Clint Martindale - Asset & Fleet Manager

Clint leads all maintenance and service-related activities at Komplete.

With close to twodecades of experience in the modular remote accommodations industry, Clint is known for his equipment knowledge and expertise along with his attention to detail. At Komplete, Clint is responsible for implementing and maintaining maintenance and service programs for Komplete’s diverse fleet.

Prior to joining Komplete in 2017, Clint held senior maintenance and service roles at GNS Industrial Trailer Services Ltd. for close to 20-years.

E: clint@komplete.ca
P: 780.717.1696

Kyle Schonauer - Technical Sales Lead

Kyle leads all technical sales projects at Komplete.

A Civil Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) by trade, Kyle has spent over a decade in the construction industry and more than three years in the remote accommodations industry. 

During his time at Komplete, Kyle has led multiple and significant design-build projects including mine dry, offices, dormitories, arctic corridor, and lavatory facilities.

Prior to joining Komplete, Kyle held a senior construction role with Omega Contractors in London, Ontario. 

E: kyle@komplete.ca
P: 587.372.7737



Ed Phillips - Construction Manager

Ed leads all on-site construction-related activities at Komplete.

A carpenter by trade, Ed's experience in the remote modular industry spans well over a decade on projects across Canada and into the United States. Ed has led and successfully executed major remote projects totalling over 2,000-beds, multi-story installations, and various design-build projects.


Ed is responsible for managing on-site work activities on all major projects. His responsibilities include planning & estimating, field oversight of projects, relaying information to company management, liaising with clients, problem-solving project challenges, and completing construction work as necessary.

Before joining Komplete, Ed held senior construction roles at Nomodic and Civeo. 

E: ed@komplete.ca


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